Glad you made it!

I’m so glad you made it to my place of creating hope, empowerment, and self-worth. Since you’ve found your way here,  it’s safe to say you are probably a lot like me. Struggling daily with the voice in your head, the image you see in the mirror, and possibly battling some form of addiction or eating disorder.  Truth is, I’ve been battling those things most of my life. I searched endlessly for help. The “Lose Weight Fast!” headlines, countless diets, promises of hope that always ended up failing miserably. Only to end up hating myself a little more, telling myself I was broken and deserved to be miserable. No one out there was like me, that is to say, at least I couldn’t seem to find anyone out there willing to talk about the same things I was fighting.

As a result, the Amberable was born. Creating a light for others, who like me, struggle daily to find their own worth.

My mission is to help others develop a sense of self-love and confidence, creating hope, empowerment, and self-worth within themselves.  Hope is the fuel that empowers change. This is my journey. One that I’m sharing with the world in hopes to help others like myself. We are NOT alone!

Most importantly, no matter the struggle you face,  there is something here for you. I have nearly 40 years of experience in dealing with self-worth, and body image issues. As well as compulsive eating addictions.  I’m here to share my heartaches and triumphs, and how I’ve done things to help find balance and happiness in my life. Even gaining control over my compulsive and emotional eating disorders. So my friends there will be laughter and tears, but you are welcome to come on in, take a look around and make yourself at home!





Below you will find pathways for help with my three main categories! First, self-worth, something we all struggle with. Body image, becoming friends with the person you see in the mirror.  Last, The A Word, a series I created to talk about my addiction to compulsive eating and food. The steps I’m taking to live in recovery along with tips to regain control in life.  Don’t be scared to take a peek into any of these little portals. Above all, you will only find enrichment, hope, and empowerment here. Never judgment or negativity. So come on in!


Body Image

Fat to Fit

Get In Touch!

*Disclaimer* I am not certified in any medical field, nor am I a licensed counselor. The thoughts on my page are mine alone. The opinions and personal experiences here are expressed with the intent to share information. Therefore, if you ARE in need of a counselor for anxiety or depression please reach out to a counselor here at a National Helpline. Perhaps you have questions about eating disorders and how to get help. If so I would suggest reaching out to the hotline at  National Eating Disorders Helpline. Never feel embarrassed to reach out. Everyone needs help from time to time!