3 Empowering Quotes on Loving Your Body

Why daily affirmations are empowering

Today I’m going to bring you 3 empowering quotes on loving your body, with a little bit on why you should take them to heart when it comes to loving your body. For those of you out there that aren’t quite sure what an affirmation is, or how it can work to help create positive change in your life, let’s dive in for a minute!  

According to Yourdictionary, “The definition of affirmation is the act of confirming something to be true, or is a written or oral statement that confirms something is true.”  Most people think of affirmations as positive things. What we often don’t realize is all the negative sh*t we say in our heads to ourselves is another form of affirmation.  We are confirming all the bad things about ourselves when we let that dark negativity take over. This means affirmations are fairly powerful, yet quite flexible in how they are used.  They can create great or terrible beliefs just by the tone behind their conception.

When used in a positive light, daily affirmations are probably one of the most powerful tools you have to beat back depression, self-loathing, insecurity, and crippling body image issues.  Why is that? Well, the easiest way to explain it is this, your brain is a computer, what YOU program into it is how it functions. Daily thoughts, how you see the world, how you think the world sees you, it’s all filtered through the code you’ve taught your brain to understand.

Therefore, it would make sense that when you program your brain daily to see positivity in the things you struggle with most, it starts to allow you to process things in a brighter, happier, and more empowering way!

Diving into Affirmations

I’ve always been a fan of scouring Pinterest, the internet, books, and other things for funny quotes. What started to click with my brain more though was when I found empowering, loving quotes about creating change in my life.  Some of them are long and meaningful, others are short yet powerful!  Let’s get down to a few of my favorites and why I think they should be added into your daily routine. Here are my 3 empowering quotes on loving your body!

Your body is a vessel for your soul

It is through this body that we have been given, that our soul experiences the world. By deepening our knowledge of the body and mind, we gift our soul a richer experience in this extraordinary world ~ Marc David

I’ve recently been taking a course on the psychology of eating. (oh yes my friends it’s a real thing, and I am LOVING how it changes my way of thinking about food!)  In the 3rd week of class, the teacher said something that struck me in such a profound way that I had to listen to it several times. I even wrote it down and pinned it to my wall.   

I want you to read this a few times. Let it sink it. This is probably one of the most profound statements I have ever heard on how the mind and body experience this world. Not only does it speak to how important our body is (it’s a vessel in which our soul touches and experiences life), but it allows us to see that the gifts that come into our life are based on the level of understanding we give to our bodies.   We don’t have to be stuck miserable and hating who we are just because we’ve always believed that’s how we should feel about our bodies!  HALLELUJAH! 

Fat girl still manages to love her fat body. World says “stop glorifying obesity!”

Rachel Wiley, an excerpt from her book: Nothing Is Okay.

Okay, this one got to me, and I added it to this list for a very important reason.  Learning to love who you are is NOT GLORIFYING OBESITY!  Now I’ll be the first to say I want to change my weight. Yes, I want to lose weight, no I’m not happy at this size. The reality is being heavy hurts.  Physically, mentally and emotionally.   There is NOTHING even remotely glorifying about obesity.  Yet, we can’t be afraid that in the process of falling in love with who you are now, you will be falsely labeled as glorifying something that society says is bad. 

I have said this before and I’ll say it again for the folks in the back, YOU CAN’T CHANGE SOMETHING YOU HATE.  Simply put, when you are so miserable and hating yourself every second of the day there is no room for growth, love, or change.  It’s time to put all the disappointment, feelings of not enough, self-disgust, and hatred away.  

This goes for the people struggling on the flip side of the weight spectrum as well. I may not be able to speak to what it’s like to be extremely underweight, but I can speak to knowing about body shame, hatred, and self-loathing.  I see you, and this message is for you as well my friends.   It’s time to get of the hater-coaster and find love in the body you have. It’s only then will you find the empowerment you need to create the change you desire. 

You do not need to play small or be small, for the comfort of other humans

Stephanie Chinn, Storyteller and Illustrator at https://www.stephaniechinn.com/

I saw an illustration from this woman with that quote on it and it struck me hard. It’s become a daily mantra for me, part of my affirmations.  My whole life has been trying to hide my size. To shrink back and be unnoticed. Which frankly is hard as hell when you’re an extravert with body size issues!  To simultaneously need the attention and energy of others, while wanting to not be seen is the paradox I can’t even begin to describe! 

Point is ladies and gents, you don’t need to make your world smaller, or make YOURSELF smaller, to make other people comfortable.  The more time we spend trying to cater to the comfort of others and how they feel about us, the less time we are actively working on loving ourselves.  Let them “Go with God” as the saying goes.  I wasn’t put on this earth to please anyone but God.  The same goes for you, whether its God, a  higher power, or the universe that you believe in, you were put on this earth solely to shine in that light. DO NOT let anyone else tell you to dim that light! EVER!

3 empowering quotes on loving your body

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is these 3 empowering quotes on loving your body have me fired up, and I hope they fire you up as well!  It’s time to stop spending so much energy on hating yourself and try loving who you are.   Think of these quotes when you wake up in the morning, ready to take on the world.  Write them down somewhere that you can read them! Most importantly remind yourself daily that your body is what you use to experience the world, never be ashamed of loving every part of it, and never, ever, try to hide or be small so someone else can feel comfortable around you! 

As always my friends, stay safe and sane out there! Until next time, remember you are never alone! 

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