My Story…

So Far

A girl, her dog, and a story

I’m Amber, creator of the Amberable, and a new dog momma to a beautiful german shepherd named Rebel!  My friends will be the first to tell you I’m a major nerd who loves playing video games, binge-watching fantasy shows on Netflix, and singing at the top of my lungs as I drive around in the car with my pup.  If any of this sounds like you we might just be kindred spirits!

My buddy Rebel goes almost everywhere with me. He brings such joy and love into my life. As well as being an absolute goofball, he’s part super genius I swear! In between nerding out and writing, we can be found taking walks, working on puzzles, and doing yoga together!  He also loves to dance! My favorite part of the morning is waking up to him nudging me off the bed and licking me awake to take him out to play!  

Enough about that, I could go on and on for days about my adventures with Rebel! Instead, let me tell you my story, and the reason why I created the Amberable, what I hope you find here in your search for self-love and worth if you come along with me on my journey. 

My entire life I’ve struggled to accept myself for who I am, and love the woman I see in the mirror.  At times the war with myself was so destructive that the ONLY emotions I felt towards myself was either disgust or hate.  On the not so rare occasion, it was both.  I gave too much of myself trying to fill a hole deep inside my heart. I wanted to feel that I was enough. Yet I never did.  I developed an eating disorder, one I didn’t even realize I had. I used to think I just didn’t have an ounce of willpower in my body. That I was always going to be fat, and unlovable. Until someone convinced me to seek therapy. This is where the first step of my journey to recovery truly began.  It’s been 4 years since I met my first therapist and had my first session and I’m so grateful I did. 

In my search to learn how to love myself, lose weight, and truly heal what I felt was broken in me I kept coming up short.  I kept running across people or stories of how to do it quickly and easily. Well, I don’t know about you but quick and easy NEVER worked for me. I needed honesty, I needed vulnerability. Most importantly, I needed to know I wasn’t the only one. The only one who couldn’t make it work, who failed time and time again. I wasn’t the only one so lost and hopeless. 

So, since I couldn’t find what I needed, and deep down I KNEW there had to be more people out there like me, I came to the decision to share my story.  To share, with complete honesty, my struggles, my triumphs, and my road to recovery and true self-love.


What you will find here

  1. Help and Hope- I will be sharing all the tips, strategies, and experiences I have had, both past and present. Including how to change the negative script in your head. How to truly love the person you see in the mirror, and what being an addict in recovery really is like.  This is your “get it all” package for learning to love yourself and learn to see the value of who you are. 
  2. Truth and Inspiration – There is no way to create true change in your life without honesty. That means being as transparent and open as I can be to help you as it relates to your own struggle.  I promise it will be funny, and sad all at the same time.  Some stories will be hard to handle, and others will wrap you in a warm fuzzy hug and comfort you.  It’s okay. Trust me it really is!
  3. Someone who is real. A woman who is going through all of this with you, and has had the same fears, doubts, insecurities, and failures that you have experienced. I WANT you to contact me, to share YOUR stories and build a community of hope and the empowerment to create real change within yourself. 
  4. Possibly A LOT of stories and pictures about a really super duper cute German Sheperd named Rebel. You know, if you’re into adorable things like that!

Get In Touch!

Please feel free to reach out to me about anything! If you have questions or stories you want to share. Or honestly, if you just need someone to talk to who is going through, or has gone through what you are struggling with I would love to hear from you. I am a real person and I promise you I will respond as soon as I can! Talk to you soon!

*Disclaimer* I am not certified in any medical field, nor am I a licensed counselor. The thoughts on my page are mine alone. The opinions and personal experiences here are expressed with the intent to share information. Therefore, if you ARE in need of a counselor for anxiety or depression please reach out to a counselor here at a National Helpline. Perhaps you have questions about eating disorders and how to get help. If so I would suggest reaching out to the hotline at  National Eating Disorders Helpline. Never feel embarrassed to reach out. Everyone needs help from time to time!