The Journey

Welcome to my journey


Below you will find real, honest stories, how-to’s, and information about recovery from addiction and eating disorders.  There are three main categories; Self-worth, Body Image, and The A Word.  Stick around and you will also find laughter, tears, and most importantly connection.  Please, take your time, browse at your leisure, and welcome on my journey to self-love!

Hello I'm Amber!

Hello I'm Amber!

Tired of battling low self-esteem, zero self-worth, and an emotional eating addiction, Amber created Amberable to share her journey with those who may be struggling. Hoping to empower, inspire and heal others like herself

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*Disclaimer* I am not certified in any medical field, nor am I a licensed counselor. The thoughts on my page are mine alone. The opinions and personal experiences here are expressed with the intent to share information. Therefore, if you ARE in need of a counselor for anxiety or depression please reach out to a counselor here at a National Helpline. Perhaps you have questions about eating disorders and how to get help. If so I would suggest reaching out to the hotline at  National Eating Disorders Helpline. Never feel embarrassed to reach out. Everyone needs help from time to time!