Stop Living Life On Autopilot

Life is what happens when you’re not on autopilot

I’ll keep it real with you guys, I have been struggling. I’m not sure exactly when it happened but somehow in the past few weeks, the anti motivation train picked me up and whisked me away. My mindset has been anything but productive and it shows. Truth is, somewhere along the way I checked out. I started living life on autopilot.

Usually, I like to have a post ready to go for every Monday and Thursday. I’ve tried to have a few in advance, ready to go for you guys.  So imagine my surprise when I open up my little Chromebook here, pop open my files, and behold… NO NEW CONTENT!!  The panic set in and so did the feeling of failure. Sure I have a million reasons as to why I didn’t have any content ready. I just got back from a week-long trip to visit family, I’ve been catching up with my roommates. I’ve been binge-watching everything I can on Netflix.  I didn’t really have reasons, just excuses.  Worse yet, I didn’t have any validation for those excuses.

So what really happened?

So what did I do?  Well I’ll be honest, I sat here and berated myself for a minute. I took a breath, and then asked the hard question.  What caused me to drop the ball on things I had been so motivated to do? 

I feel a fire inside me when I work on sharing my life and struggle so that perhaps someone out there feeling alone in the same struggle will stumble upon this and find hope and inspiration.  Yet there I was without any prepared content.   What happened?  The truth is, I’m not sure, therefore it is time to take an assessment of my mindset and figure out what mental blocks are holding me back.

That’s when it hit me. I’ve been existing. Somewhere along the last few weeks, I stopped living and slipped into “exist” mode. Maybe it was the stress of visiting my family. Perhaps, the worry over the current pandemic, or even my fears for the economic future we all face. Regardless, my coping mechanism for the sense of dread, worry, and insecurity circling around inside me has been to turn on Netflix, stay in my pajamas, and forget the world existed. Or at least try to. What I needed most was to stop living my life on autopilot.

stop living life on autopilot

Now Is the Time!

It’s scary how easy we can just slip into autopilot. Especially right now. If we keep our head down and try to keep distracted then we don’t have to worry about the things causing us stress.  Sadly the things we usually stress over are things we have absolutely no control over. 

I have no control over being furloughed from my job until further notice.  I can’t change that I’m worried my loved ones might get sick, or that my family lives so far away. Nor can I control what is going to happen to the economy after this is all over.  The isolation of stay at home orders and lockdowns can be grueling.  Especially for someone like me who really isn’t much of an introvert.  It’s easy to hide away in entertainment and distraction.

There is hope though! While there is so much going on right now that can’t be controlled, there is just as much that I CAN focus on.  I can focus on becoming the best version of myself.  Likewise, I can reform the foundation of who I am and rebuild that person from the ground up.

This is an unprecedented gift of time that no one in my lifetime has seen before.  Families having time to do more things together, people having the time to truly work on projects they have made excuses to not tackle yet. Most importantly, we have been given the time to work on the hopes, dreams, and changes in ourselves that we have wanted to for years, decades even.  This is the moment when mind over matter and breaking those mental blocks down is the most important action of your life. This is the time to decide to stop living life on autopilot!

Please don’t get me wrong, when I say this is a gift, I understand it may not seem like that for everyone.  I know there are people out there struggling to make ends meet due to the world suddenly being shut down. My heart goes out to you. I understand how scary, and stressful the world is right now. I would never downplay those struggles.  I’m just saying that right now, for those of us that have been putting off things because “life” is too hectic to put the focus on what we want, NOW IS THE TIME

How Do You Battle Autopilot Syndrome?

So how do you battle the autopilot syndrome? Shake off the mental blocks! Get rid of old doubts and fears that tell you that you can’t do something! Instead, change your mindset. Do you want to take a class? Maybe read a book, work on your health or learn a new trade?  NOW IS THE TIME!  The only person stopping you is the person you see in the mirror, my friend.  My mental blocks have been building walls around me my entire life.  These last two weeks, they really stepped up and took over.  I’m ready to take that wheel back. 

Above all, stop being afraid. It’s those fears that allow the “can’t do” mindset to take over.  What do I, or you, have to lose at this moment?  It’s time to stop living life on autopilot! We live so much of our lives in that mindset, losing ourselves to distraction, just to cope with the feelings of unhappiness, stress, and even depression.  Put yourself back in the driver seat, steering yourself in the direction that creates the change in your life! Change you’ve been longing for! Now is the time my friends, what are you waiting for?

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